Contract Tips

The following  are links to a wealth of  immeasurably helpful contract information, including contract tips and the Unit Professional information cards which were created by MCCC  Day Grievance Coordinator and long time union activist, Dennis Fitzgerald.

Full Time -Unit Professional Contract Links
E5 College Service E7 Professional Staff Position Description
New Hires E8 Professional Staff Evaluation
Professional Staff Evaluation Components Summary Cards – Revised Fall 2013
Note: For both UPs and faculty
Personal Days Retirement
Tenure Salary Increases


                         Part- Time -Unit Professional Contract Links


               Classification, Job Specifications, Workload & Licenses – updated 1/16/14

Mass. Dept. of Higher Education Classification Specifications

Job Titles and Specifications

Additional Job Titles

Coordinator of Library Services 

Coordinator of Returning Adults Center


Financial Aid Coordinator

Bullet List of Items to Include in Appeal
Classification Appeals Committee