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Unit Professionals play an integral part in furthering the academic mission of Massachusetts’ Community Colleges.

In our many roles, we foster student success, ensure progress in retention and graduation rates, and provide innovative leadership. As proud members of the MCCC, we support the efforts of our union in organizing, legislative advocacy and collective bargaining.

Profiles In Solidarity: Why Be An Active Member Of The MCCC? 

Read These Empowering Statements From Unit Professionals. Karen Cox – QCC, Full Time, Coordinator of Counseling Trudy Tynan – HCC – Part-Time Tutor

By The Numbers

The Average Number of Unit Professionals in EACH GRADE, and the Average Salaries for each grade compared to ranks for Faculty from 2013 data 

Are you new?  Consider looking at this page first.  It is a great place to start if you have been newly hired and would like to know more about the role of the MCCC for Unit Professionals.    


FAQs page – Find Answers To Your Contract Questions Summary Cards – Useful Information at a Glance Updated 2015 version for MCCC Unit Professionals, these cards are the perfect reference resource to many contract questions


Appeals Guide A very useful step-by-step guide for anyone interested in filing an Appeal. (excerpted from Dennis Fitzgerald’s Summary Cards).

MCCC website Appeals Process page Professional Staff Grid – For calculating placement structure and point values.

Classification specifications for positions on the Board of Higher Education Web Site. – Job titles and general job descriptions.

In addition this position have been added: Learning Specialist (Grade 5) This is an upgrade of three separate classification titles of Learning Specialist/Critical Thinking (Grade 5); Learning Specialist/Math Skills (Grade 4); and Learning Specialist/Reading/Writing (Grade 4)

For more links to contract information, visit our Contract & Classification Page



Please feel free to contact us at anytime.  If there are any issues that you want us to address, consider filling out our online issues and concerns form.  Your comments and suggestions are ALWAYS welcome!

If you are looking for your local representative, go to the Contact Page.

The Unit Professional Committee, MCCC, 27 Mechanic St., Worcester, MA  01608.

Updated 5/10/17



The next meeting is on  May 16, 2017

The Unit Professional Committee – Who We Are, and What We Do

The Unit Professional Committee meets four times per year to work on issues that our constituents forward to us. We represent all fifteen campuses and our members are usually elected to the local chapter leadership.

Do you have an issue you’d like us to address? 

Contact your local chapter Unit Professional representative or fill out our online issues and concerns form.
We are especially interested in your ideas about how future MCCC leadership might address UP issues and concerns.

 We have representation from ALL fifteen Community Colleges.  Consult the listing for the representative from your college.

Remember that the person that is most responsible for contract maintenance and your rights is YOU. Attend Unit Professional and MCCC Chapter Meetings on your campus.

Get involved whenever you can and if a local leadership positions opens up, think about running for this office. Adequate representation is important for not only your rights but for those of all the Unit Pros on your campus!

Call for E-7 Examples

We are continuing to collect E-7s from Unit Pros across the fifteen Community Colleges.   Please consider sending us a copy.

The E7 is the most important document there is for Unit Professionals.  It is your job description, the basis for your annual and post-tenure evaluations, and it provides evidence in the event that you seek a reclassification to a higher grade.

Why Share your E7?  By sharing your E7, Unit Pros from across the fifteen campuses can consult examples of other E7s for guidance on constructing  their own E7s.


Four Regional Meetings during the Spring of 2016 included RCC, BHCC, NECC and QCC.  Over one hundred MCCC Unit Professionals attended these gatherings!

Bunker Hill Community College had attendants from MCC, RCC as well as BHCC. Over 35 people attended this gathering with Courtney Derwinski.

Bunker Hill Community College had attendants from MCC, RCC as well as BHCC. Over 35 people attended this gathering with MTA’s Courtney Derwinski.